Fast Foundation

A blueprint infrastructure for modern apps

Benefits of Nimble’s Fast Foundation for AWS

Achieve operational excellence with a Fast Foundation for your app!

Faster time to market

Go live in weeks, launch months sooner, and fully automate ongoing deployment of new releases.

Proven architecture

Know your infrastructure is Well-Architected to be compliant, secure, reliable, and scalable.

Better ROI than DIY

Don’t waste months of DevOps team effort and cost by re-inventing an undifferentiated architecture.

Nimble engineers painstakingly evaluated and assembled 
the best tools for the job … So you don’t have to!

Popular services for a familiar developer experience
Best-of-breed open source software
Tightly integrated AWS cloud infrastructure
Security and SOC 2 compliance controls

Don’t let DevOps slow you down!

Get to market 80% faster
Reduce your cost and effort to build
Achieve demonstrable compliance
Have confidence in the security and reliability
Enjoy cloud-native scale and open source tooling
Modernize your infrastructure

Nimble for every stakeholder

Developer view of Fast Foundation
Focus on code, not infrastructure
Create code
Create code
Push code
Hot deploys on push   (no downtime)
Deliver apps
Fully automated deployment to staging and production
Security view of Fast Foundation
Control access, secure everything
Control access
Secure Networks
Secure Environment
Operator view of Fast Foundation
Run a strong foundation
Receive apps
Deploy apps
Scale apps
Use apps
Compliance view of Fast Foundation
Show compliance and activity
Control access
Secure Networks
Secure Environment

Nimble real world results

Helping companies like yours

We loved the DevOps expertise Nimble brought for a quick start with a proven plan. We knew what we wanted, but just couldn’t build it ourselves.

Paco Bernal, VP of Technology, My Code Media

Nimble helped us modernize our previous monolithic app infrastructure to dramatically improve scalability, reliability, cost efficiency, and SOC2 compliance.

Brandon Shapiro, President, BridgeHaul

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